Saturday, October 11, 2008

Acting Like A Christian in an Election Year, part 2

As we near the end of the campaign trail, accusations and insinuations about the character of the opponents have emerged. No surprise there; they always do. It's the last flail before the snake dies.

I read something recently that attempted to resurface the idea that Mr. Obama's name is descriptive of a foreign and nefarious nature. That continues to interest me, since pretty much everyone living in USAmerica is from someplace other than here, at least two or three generations back.

The accusation is that Mr. Obama's name--Barack Hussein Obama--proves that he is an un-American Islamic Fundamentalist. So I began to wonder: If they got all that out of a name, what would they do with me?

My full name is Hugh Michael McNichols. Let's parse my name:

Hugh - of German origin, although it's popular among handsome British stars like Hugh Grant and Hugh Laurie. It means "bright in mind and spirit." Of course it does.

I am named after my dad, who was named after his uncle Hugh Croft, who drowned while serving in the Navy during World War I (sobriety at the time, unknown). I was also in the Navy, but did not drown. My youngest grandson's first name is Hugh, although he goes by Jack (as one would).

Michael - of Hebrew origin. It is actually a name that asks a question: "Who is like God?" The obvious answer: Not me. In the Bible, Michael was an archangel. Not a run-of-the-mill assistant angel mind you, but right up toward the top of the angel food chain.

McNichols - Probably started in Scotland but then came to Ireland, most likely to pick a fight. The McNichols had vast land holdings in Ireland in the 12th century, but got completely distracted by good ale in the local pubs and failed to remember a certain future McNichols in their will. 

There you have it: Hugh Michael McNichols, by virtue of his name, is clearly a German-Jewish devotee of Kabala and is very likely a druid, or has close associations with someone who is. Or he could be a leprechaun. A drunk leprechaun. Either way, he is trouble and shouldn't be president of the United States. I think we can all agree on that.

By the way: The name Barack is related to the Hebrew name Baruch, which means "blessed." One must be careful about what one mocks.

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Adrianne said...

I'm going with drunk leprechaun. It seems to fit. Shamrock pride!